Explorando las Mejores Atracciones y Diversión en Gleneden Beach

Gleneden Beach es un rincón de la costa de Oregón que seduce a cualquiera que lo visite. Esta pequeña ciudad te ofrece todo lo que necesitas para disfrutar de unas vacaciones especiales en la playa. Desde el instante en que llegas, podrás sentir una energía única que te catapulta hacia la diversión. Pero, ¿cuáles son las mejores atracciones en Gleneden Beach? Acompáñanos y descúbrelo por ti mismo. Hemos elaborado una lista con las actividades que no te puedes perder para que puedas aprovechar al máximo tu tiempo en este hermoso destino turístico.

Las mejores atracciones en Gleneden Beach

1. Gleneden Beach State Park

Gleneden Beach State Park is one of the best-kept secrets on the Oregon coast for its immense and beautiful sandy beach. The sand is coarse which makes it perfect for a lovely stroll, and the flat sandy beaches create exhilaration for near-shore breaking waves. This park is ideal for families to enjoy playing games like «can’t catch me» with each incoming wave. We loved that the beach was long and peaceful with no people around, so we could relax and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the ocean.

Exploring the park was a wonderful experience, as we were fascinated by the short walk through the shorepine forest. It was nice to take a break from the sun and walk through the trees before returning to the beach. Even during winter storms, this beach is breathtaking, and we enjoyed watching the waves crashing in the windy and cool weather. Although we didn’t see any surfers during our visit, we couldn’t help but admire the majestic view of the ocean.

Gleneden Beach State Park

Despite being a bit steep, the access to the beach is easy, and there is plenty of parking available. We noticed that the facilities were kept clean and well-maintained, which added to the overall pleasant experience. The only disadvantage we found was that the wind can be strong and sandy during certain months, but it’s still a lovely place to visit. All in all, Gleneden Beach State Park is a great option for a quick stop or a more extended stay, and it’s an absolute must-visit for anyone exploring the Oregon coast.

2. Beachcrest Brewing Company

Located in Gleneden Beach, Beachcrest Brewing Company is a must-visit spot for beer lovers. One of the advantages of this establishment is the variety of beers on tap, which offer something for everyone’s taste. We tried different ones during our multiple visits and were not disappointed. The red ale was a personal favorite, with its refreshing taste and rich flavor. Additionally, the Milkshake IPA and guest tap of Baked Apple Cider were amazing choices.

Another advantage of Beachcrest Brewing Company is the atmosphere; it is a relaxed and laid-back environment where you can enjoy your drink, catch up with friends or family, or just unwind. We especially enjoyed the live music they offer some nights, which adds to the overall experience. Moreover, the outdoor seating offers a unique and beautiful view of the golf course and surrounding area. It is essential to be aware of the golfers’ surroundings as their balls can come close to the outdoor seating area.

Beachcrest Brewing Company

One of the best features of Beachcrest Brewing Company is that it is a family-friendly spot. Kids can enjoy themselves by playing board games, while adults can sip on their selected brews. Another advantage is that you can bring your own food, creating a picnic-like atmosphere. The owners, Matt and Amy, make sure that everyone feels welcome and can enjoy themselves. Overall, Beachcrest Brewing Company is a hidden gem of Gleneden Beach, and we cannot recommend it enough. We thoroughly enjoyed our visits, and we will definitely be back.

3. The Spa at Salishan

If you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience in Gleneden Beach, look no further than The Spa at Salishan. This spa is simply gorgeous, with multiple jacuzzi pools and a sauna available for guests to enjoy with any service. We especially loved the outdoor jacuzzi pool, which has an incredible view of the bay. The relaxation room by the fire is also something to behold – it’s warm, spotless, and absolutely beautiful. The staff are welcoming and provide hot tea and water, adding to the overall sense of comfort and relaxation. We definitely recommend taking an afternoon to unwind here.

The facilities at The Spa at Salishan are truly top-notch. From the moment we checked in, we felt embraced by the wonderful ambiance. The spa is clean, welcoming, and in great condition. We used the pool prior to our treatment and the steam room afterwards, and it was the perfect combination. Our highlight, however, was the massage therapist – Felicity – who was an absolute gem. She asked the right questions and then got right to work on all the areas that needed attention. We can’t wait to book our next appointment with her and visit the Salishan Spa again.

The Spa at Salishan

Overall, our experience at The Spa at Salishan was nothing short of amazing. The massages were wonderful and the spa itself is simply beautiful. We appreciated the option to arrive early and enjoy the facilities before and after our treatments. The staff were all friendly and the manager, Sadie Graves, clearly prioritizes wonderful service for every guest. We highly recommend this spa to anyone looking for a special experience, whether it’s for a special occasion or just a moment of escape from the chaos of everyday life.

4. Salishan Golf Links

We recently had the opportunity to explore one of the best attractions in Gleneden Beach, Salishan Golf Links. It was an amazing experience from start to finish. Upon arrival, we were treated with great hospitality and accommodated to fit our schedule. The staff was truly exceptional, professional and accommodating. We also noticed that the locals were thrilled to see us there and they made sure we had a great time. The course itself was magnificent, as the front nine winds through the trees and the back nine offers stunning views of the water. It was challenging, but still manageable for newer golfers. The pro shop was impressive with a great selection of merchandise, and the course was impeccably kept. We highly recommend this course for golf enthusiasts and visitors alike.

The Salishan Golf Links definitely exceeded our expectations. The course was challenging yet fair, and the staff were always ready to help with all our needs. The layout of the course was awe-inspiring as it winds through the trees and offers ocean views on the back nine. We were also impressed with the well-stocked pro shop and the professional staff who helped us throughout our visit. The immaculate condition of the course was another standout feature for us. Another pleasant surprise was the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds the course, which added to our overall experience. We would definitely recommend Salishan for the perfect golfing getaway.

Salishan Golf Links

Overall, we would highly recommend Salishan Golf Links to anyone visiting Gleneden Beach. The course is stunning and challenging yet fair, with amazing views of the ocean. The staff was friendly, helpful, and professional throughout our visit. In addition, the well-stocked pro shop and immaculate conditions of the course made our experience even better. The peaceful atmosphere of the course and surroundings really make Salishan a perfect golfing getaway. Ultimately, we were impressed with the quality of this attraction, and it will definitely be on our list of places to revisit.

5. The Player’s Lounge

The Player’s Lounge is an absolute gem for golf enthusiasts on the Oregon coast. We were blown away by the state-of-the-art technology and the wide range of options available for practice, learning, and virtual gaming. The Trackman golf simulator room is a comfortable and cozy indoor environment, perfect for lessons or practice. We loved that we could gather with our buddies to play some of the world’s best courses like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Olympic Club, and Bear Dance in Colorado. It was truly a thrill to play and compete against each other while staying dry on rainy days. The professional and friendly staff make it a perfect experience for all ages, and the added benefit of being able to purchase or repair equipment, get lessons, and try out demo clubs made it an all-around great place to be.

Another aspect that we loved about the Player’s Lounge was the overall atmosphere. It’s a tremendous facility for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just hang out with friends, listen to music, or watch TV. With two TVs showing all the latest sports events and cold beers to keep us refreshed, we were able to have a thoroughly enjoyable time. The friendly Pro Shop Staff was always on hand to take care of our needs, and it made the experience that much more special.

Being a member of the Player’s Lounge was another benefit that we enjoyed. We were able to work on our game mechanics, gap our clubs, and get fitted for new equipment in a cozy and comfortable environment. We loved that the facility was accessible 7×24, and it was a perfect way to spend a rainy day. The fact that it was kid-friendly made it even more appealing for families looking for a fun way to spend time together. All in all, the Player’s Lounge is an incredible addition to the Salishan Coastal Resort, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and thrilling golf experience on the Oregon coast.

En resumen, Gleneden Beach es una joya por descubrir. Desde sus hermosas playas hasta sus actividades emocionantes, hay algo para todos. Esperamos que este artículo lo haya inspirado a visitar y experimentar todo lo que Gleneden Beach tiene para ofrecer. Si necesita más detalles, no dude en ponerte en contacto con nosotros. Nos encantaría ayudarlo a planificar su viaje y garantizar que tenga la mejor experiencia posible en esta maravillosa ciudad costera. ¡Esperamos escuchar de usted pronto!

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