Descubre las mejores atracciones en Petersfield: una guía completa

Petersfield es un pintoresco pueblo situado en Hampshire, Inglaterra, que cuenta con una gran cantidad de joyas turísticas para explorar. Desde monumentos históricos hasta sitios naturales impresionantes, hay algo para todos los gustos en Petersfield. Si estás planeando un viaje por la zona, no te pierdas nuestras recomendaciones de las mejores atracciones en Petersfield. Descubre qué ver y hacer en este encantador lugar y prepárate para disfrutar de una experiencia única y memorable.

Las mejores atracciones en Petersfield

1. Petersfield Lake

Si buscas un lugar tranquilo para disfrutar de la naturaleza en Petersfield, Petersfield Lake es definitivamente una de las mejores opciones. Además, el aparcamiento gratuito es un gran beneficio para los visitantes. Si te gusta caminar o correr al aire libre, este es el lugar para ti. Con ramas, arbustos y una gran variedad de hierba, sentirás que estás en medio del bosque. Aunque puede haber un poco de sudor, la recompensa de una agradable caminata alrededor del lago de 1.85 km es simplemente indescriptible. Pero si prefieres una actividad más relajada, también es posible alquilar un bote de remos o canoa en la zona de navegación. Sin embargo, ten en cuenta que en días de lluvia, el paseo puede resultar un poco menos agradable.

Si tienes hijos, Petersfield Lake es un gran lugar para ellos. Hay una zona de juegos para niños donde se pueden divertir mientras toman un descanso de dar pan a los patos y cisnes. Y hablando de alimentar patos y cisnes, hay mucho para alimentar, lo que puede ser una experiencia muy entretenida tanto para los niños como para los adultos. Recomendamos llevar su propia comida ya que puede ser más económico que comprarla en la cafetería. Además, si el clima lo permite, es el lugar perfecto para un picnic con amigos y familiares. De esta manera, pueden disfrutar de la vista del lago mientras se divierten. Simplemente ten en cuenta que en los días más soleados, el lugar puede estar un poco concurrido y quizás sentirse menos tranquilo.

Petersfield Lake

En definitiva, Petersfield Lake es un lugar muy recomendable para visitar en Petersfield si buscas un lugar relajante donde podrás disfrutar de la naturaleza y los animales en su hábitat natural. Además, hay muchas opciones de actividades tanto para niños como adultos. Es el plan perfecto para un paseo en solitario, un día de picnic en familia o un paseo romántico en pareja. El único aspecto que puede mejorar en Petersfield Lake es la limpieza, ya que los contenedores a veces se desbordan y pueden ser un poco desagradables. Pero en general, este lugar es una excelente opción para escapar del ruido de la ciudad y disfrutar de un poco de paz y tranquilidad.

2. Petersfield Physic Garden

If you’re ever looking for a peaceful oasis in the bustling town of Petersfield, we highly recommend a visit to Petersfield Physic Garden. This beautiful garden is impeccably maintained and boasts an impressive array of plants and herbs, all labeled and well-organized for easy viewing. The garden is also free to visit, making it an ideal spot for those looking for a frugal yet fulfilling day out.

We particularly enjoyed the many seating areas scattered throughout the garden, perfect for enjoying a quiet read or relaxing picnic. And if you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of some rare birdlife while you’re there. Overall, we found the atmosphere to be incredibly tranquil and peaceful, making it the perfect spot for some quiet contemplation and meditation.

Petersfield Physic Garden

The only downside we could find was that the garden is relatively small, so depending on your interests, you may only spend a few hours here. However, we found that the lovingly tended space and variety of plants more than made up for its size. All in all, we highly recommend a visit to Petersfield Physic Garden for anyone looking for a beautiful and tranquil escape in the heart of Petersfield.

3. Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery

Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery is a true gem, with an informative and engaging story of the town’s history and the surrounding area. The museum is housed in a beautifully renovated police station and court room with Victorian police cells, making it an interesting attraction to visit. We found the museum’s volunteer staff very friendly, knowledgeable and engaging, always ready to accommodate visitors’ curiosities and answer questions. It was fascinating to learn that the museum’s art exhibitions change regularly, which adds an exciting dimension to a return visit.

Superb and enjoyable are two words that best describe our experience at the museum. The staff were knowledgeable and went out of their way to make us feel welcome, providing us with a wealth of information that led us to thoroughly enjoy ourselves. We will certainly recommend this museum to others, as we left the place feeling enriched by the experience.

Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery

The museum offers a truly immersive journey into the history of Petersfield. With a stylish new refurbishment, the museum offers impressive visual displays that are both informative and well presented. We enjoyed exploring the different sections of the museum, which effectively linked the area’s history with its industries, artwork, clothes and much more. We left with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that we had discovered one of Petersfield’s must-see attractions.

4. The Petersfield Bookshop

If you’re a book lover, then The Petersfield Bookshop is a must-visit destination. We recently had the pleasure of stopping by this gem of a store on our travels and were blown away by the sheer volume of books and unique artifacts on display.

From the moment we walked in, we were struck by the eclectic range of books on offer, and we could tell that the staff were knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. We were impressed by the attention to detail that had gone into everything, from the layout of the store to the quality of the books themselves.

The store is divided into different sections, including children’s books, philosophy, and literature, and there are plenty of seating areas dotted around where you can sit and peruse your latest purchases. We were also struck by the sheer amount of interesting artifacts in the store, from paintings and prints to dolls houses and model ships.

The Petersfield Bookshop

One of the standout features of this store is the friendly and helpful staff. They are clearly passionate about books and love helping customers find what they are looking for. We were impressed by their attention to detail, including sending detailed photographs and descriptions of the books we ordered online before they arrived.

Overall, we would highly recommend The Petersfield Bookshop to anyone visiting the area. It’s unique, quirky, and has an incredibly wide selection of books on offer. The staff are passionate and knowledgeable, and it’s clear that a lot of care and attention goes into every aspect of this wonderful bookstore.

5. Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool

If you’re looking to cool off on a hot day, you can’t go wrong with Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool. It’s a 25m outdoor pool that’s heated to a very comfortable 27°C during the opening months (April-September). One thing not to be missed is the magical steam rising from the pool in the early spring or autumn mornings. The atmosphere is magical, and you’ll feel transported back to the 1960s when the pool was built.

The pool is well-maintained and immaculately clean. The staff and volunteers are always welcoming and polite. Facilities include changing rooms, toilets, and a snack bar selling standard treats (cold/hot drinks, crisps, sweets and ice creams) but also lunch favorites as BBQ food, smoothies, and occasionally ready meals. They also sell mini sun cream, arm bands, and swim caps. For those with disabilities, the shop has a changing room and toilet facilities.

The pool area is divided into sections for different swimming abilities, making it accessible for everyone. The shallow end has wide steps with handrails that provide ease of access for all ages. For those who want to improve their swimming skills, the pool offers 2-week Monday-Friday crash courses for kids during the summer, with Lynn the instructor, who has a knack for making swimming fun for kids. On weekends and school holidays, the pool gets busy, and you’ll want to arrive ten minutes before opening to get a good spot.

Ultimately, the pool offers a unique swimming experience, coupled with the convenience of being in the market town center. Whether you’re a regular swimmer seeking to do an early morning workout or a family looking to spend a sunny day splashing around, Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool has something for everyone. Overall, a must-visit attraction in Petersfield.

Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool

On the downside, the pool can get crowded during peak hours, especially in hot weather. Orchestrate your visit to an evening session or the early morning for a quieter experience. Also, the changing rooms and shower facilities are quite basic, which may come as a letdown for some guests.

In summary, Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool is a unique, well-maintained, and clean facility that is perfect for all ages, abilities, and preferences. Its convenience, affordability, and warm water make it the ideal spot to escape the summer heat while enjoying the outdoors. If you’re in Petersfield, be sure to stop by and take a dip. You won’t regret it!

6. Ashford Hangers National Nature Reserve

If you’re looking for a picturesque spot to explore, Ashford Hangers National Nature Reserve is definitely worth a visit. The scenery is stunning and there are plenty of paths to walk along. Although we only had a brief visit, it only took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the location and decide to explore more on our next trip there.

The wooded valley along steep hillsides offers great opportunities for hiking and walking. The Shoulder of Mutton hill offers some spectacular views, and there’s plenty of seating areas to just sit back, relax and take it all in. However, it’s worth noting that the area is quite large, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead which paths to take and explore based on your interests and abilities.

Ashford Hangers National Nature Reserve

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the areas in Ashford Hangers National Nature Reserve can be quite steep and challenging. While it might not be the best spot for everyone, if you’re up for a bit of a climb, the views at the top are definitely worth it. You’ll get to experience the stunning English countryside, and spot some local wildlife like buzzards on the thermals, making the experience even more memorable.

7. Paint Pots and Parties

Paint Pots and Parties seems to be a unique and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. The owner, Sarah, is friendly and welcoming, and goes the extra mile to ensure that each guest has a memorable time. Personalised gifts can be created, such as the hallucinogenic coloured mug made by a 3-year-old grandson for his dad’s birthday present. Guests have a lot of creative freedom as there are a variety of items to choose from and a good selection of colours, brushes, sponges, and stamps to choose from. The studio is also fully equipped for those with disabilities, making it accessible to everyone.

Paint Pots and Parties also hosts private parties and has plenty of options for team-building activities. It is a great space for children’s parties with individual charges for the pottery pieces, making it budget-friendly. It involves selecting a pottery piece to paint, and it is helpful that the organizer is on hand to assist without being intrusive. The children get to enjoy a fun activity and share their work with family members. The only downside seems to be that it can be expensive, with an additional charge for each piece of pottery and the painted pieces requiring a few weeks for glazing and firing.

Paint Pots and Parties

Overall, Paint Pots and Parties offers a unique and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. The studio offers a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for individuals to express their creativity. It is an experience that requires patience and time for those with children, but it is worth it in the end. It seems that the only concern that guests may have is the price for creating personalized gifts, but the experience is well worth the cost.

8. St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church is an unassuming but beautiful little church located in the heart of Petersfield. Although we have walked past it many times, we never stopped to appreciate its picturesque exterior until now. From the right angle, the sun illuminates the church in such a way that leaves visitors in awe. The church is open every day with a charming town square next to it. We recommend taking a few moments to admire the church’s exterior and a few minutes to stroll through the gravestones behind it.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that St Peter’s Church is truly the heart of Petersfield. The church is well-maintained and open to the public every day. It is surrounded by many restaurants and shops, making it a perfect place to visit after a long day of exploring the town. Although we didn’t have the chance to attend a service, we were excited to learn that St Peter’s Church offers beautiful services given by charismatic vicars. We were also told that the church has been adapted to different events like christenings and concerts, making it a versatile venue.

St Peter’s Church is a hidden gem in Petersfield. Despite being a place of worship, even visitors who are unfamiliar with the Christian faith will find something inspiring about this old church. Its interior is a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional architecture, and the atmosphere inside is nothing short of comforting and uplifting. In addition, the surroundings of the church are kept beautifully, with benches all around and green spaces that invite visitors to rest and relax. Overall, we highly recommend St Peter’s Church for anyone looking for a peaceful place to visit in Petersfield.

9. Southern eBike Rentals

Southern eBike Rentals en Petersfield ha sido descrito por muchos de sus usuarios como una experiencia excelente. Con una gran variedad de bicicletas eléctricas y estándar bien mantenidas, el personal calificado y muy amistoso y una ubicación perfecta tanto para principiantes como para ciclistas más experimentados, este lugar es una gran opción para aquellos que buscan una aventura emocionante en su día libre.

Como muchos usuarios han señalado, el personal es muy útil y brinda una excelente asistencia al momento de alquilar y planificar su ruta. El propietario, Paul, ha sido especialmente elogiado por ser muy atento y orientar a los ciclistas principiantes en el uso de las bicicletas eléctricas, los mapas del área y los posibles destinos. Además, muchos usuarios han destacado la calidad de las bicicletas eléctricas, que son de alta gama y pueden adaptarse a todos los niveles de habilidad.

Sin embargo, algunas revisiones sugieren que la ubicación en sí puede ser un desafío para aquellos que no están acostumbrados a ciclismo en la montaña o terrenos escarpados. También hay algunas reseñas que mencionan la presencia de baches en los senderos, lo que podría ser una desventaja para aquellos que buscan una experiencia más suave. A pesar de esto, muchos usuarios han disfrutado de las bicicletas eléctricas y han encontrado que las colinas y los senderos escarpados son más manejables gracias a la asistencia eléctrica.

Southern eBike Rentals

En general, Southern eBike Rentals ofrece una emocionante experiencia de ciclismo en un hermoso paisaje natural. Con bicicletas de alta calidad, personal servicial y una ubicación perfecta, es una excelente opción para aquellos que buscan un día en la naturaleza.

10. Harrow Inn

As avid pub-goers ourselves, we highly recommend checking out Harrow Inn in Petersfield. From the moment we stepped inside, we were welcomed with warm hospitality that is becoming rarer to find. The owners truly care about their patrons’ experience and it shows in the delicious food and excellent ales they offer. While not painted in Farrow and Ball sage nor designed to cater to large SUVs, this pub boasts a long-standing history that is rare to find in today’s world. From the handwritten menus to working on «then» time, everything about Harrow Inn exudes charm and character.

If you’re a fan of cozy and intimate settings, Harrow Inn is a must-visit. The locals and their dogs make you feel at home, and the conversations are lively and engaging. We found ourselves lost in laughter and enjoyment that we lost track of time and stayed far beyond our intended visit. While some might find the bar cramped, we found it added to the charm and character of the place.

Harrow Inn

While the selection of drinks may not rival a chain pub, Harrow Inn more than makes up for this with the quality of their offerings. The ploughman’s and ham sandwiches we enjoyed were simple yet delicious, and the well-kept ale only added to the overall experience. Do keep in mind that Harrow Inn is a cash-only establishment, but we found this added to the authentic and traditional feel of the pub. Overall, we highly recommend checking out Harrow Inn for yourself and experience true Hampshire charm and hospitality.

11. The Half Moon, Sheet

The Half Moon in Sheet has a lot to offer as a venue. From personalized and special events like 60th birthday parties and weddings to casual visits for a hearty meal, it caters to different needs. It is always great when staff go above and beyond with party planning, as one reviewer noted. The team’s attention to detail can make all the difference in making an event truly memorable. Another guest complimented Yvonne, a lady who works there, for being friendly and making their stay enjoyable. Additionally, the rooms are beautifully clean and comfortable, and the garden is a great spot to eat outside.

However, not all experiences are flawless. For instance, we read one review where the temperature inside the venue was uncomfortably cold, despite two electric heaters available. We appreciate honest assessments, as they allow prospective visitors to make an informed decision. Also, another reviewer suggested that ordering food and drinks could be more streamlined. Though it was a small inconvenience, it detracted from the overall experience for them.

The Half Moon, Sheet

In our opinion, The Half Moon is worth checking out, especially for events. It is always nice to find a venue that’s accommodating and has friendly staff. Furthermore, the menu looks varied and tasty. It is great to see that they cater to different dietary requirements too, without compromising on quality or options. Finally, the reviews also show that the prices are reasonable, making it accessible for everyone.

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