Las 10 mejores atracciones turísticas que no puedes perderte en Columbia

Colombia es un país cargado de historia, cultura y belleza natural, que ofrece un amplio abanico de posibilidades para los viajeros que buscan conocer nuevos destinos. Desde playas paradisíacas hasta ciudades coloniales, pasando por cumbres majestuosas y exóticos parques naturales, hay una gran diversidad de atracciones que hacen de Colombia un lugar inolvidable para descubrir. En este artículo, destacaremos algunas de las mejores atracciones que no puedes perderte en tu viaje a Colombia. ¿Estás listo para explorar todo lo que este país tiene por ofrecer? ¡Empecemos!

Las mejores atracciones en Columbia

1. Lake Kittamaqundi

Lake Kittamaqundi is a small man-made lake that offers a picturesque view to visitors. The lake is surrounded by numerous hotels that overlook it, providing visitors with a perfect place to admire the beauty of the lake from their balconies. The small size of the lake makes it an ideal place for people looking to have a peaceful and quiet time.

The area around the lake is well maintained, and visitors can take a relaxing 2.5-mile walk around the lake. However, visitors should note that the lake is often busy with walkers, so they might encounter some traffic. Cyclists are few in numbers, and they are considerate of others, making it an enjoyable walk for everybody. Birdlife activity is lower due to the high number of people around the lake, but visitors can still enjoy the well-maintained trail.

Although there are no signs to prohibit people from feeding the geese and ducks, visitors should avoid feeding them because it can harm the birds. Feeding them could make them sick and even die. However, the lake offers visitors a wide enough path that allows them to practice social distancing while enjoying the shaded areas around the lake. The lake’s beauty and the historic Indigenous people for whom the lake was named can make for an informative walk. It would be helpful to have a short history about the origin of the Lake to recognize BIPOC contributions.

Lake Kittamaqundi

Overall, Lake Kittamaqundi is a gem in Columbia, attracting visitors from different walks of life. The lake is well-maintained and serves as an excellent destination for those looking for a peaceful walk, jog, bike ride, or dog walk. The lake’s proximity to Whole Foods and numerous restaurants makes it an ideal place to enjoy some quality time while having a sumptuous meal. Visitors to Columbia should not miss visiting Lake Kittamaqundi, as it is one of the best attractions in the area.

2. The Mall in Columbia

El Centro Comercial de Columbia es una atracción turística popular tanto para los viajeros como para los habitantes locales. Como residentes de la zona, encontramos este lugar accesible, ya que está a poca distancia de nuestras casas. Aunque hay algunas ofertas disponibles, definitivamente es mejor para compras pequeñas, ya que no hay tantas ofertas como en un outlet. Sin embargo, este es un lugar ideal para ir a comer, tomar un café y disfrutar de un paseo por el centro comercial antes de que las tiendas abran.

The Mall in Columbia ha experimentado un gran crecimiento a lo largo de los años. Las tiendas elegantes y el tribunal de comida son excelentes; sin embargo, la comida del patio necesita una actualización moderna. Aparte de las tiendas, hay juegos para niños y una cinta para caminar que lo convierten en un lugar ideal para toda la familia. Además, los restaurantes y tiendas adicionales ubicados fuera del centro comercial son de gran calidad; nos encanta visitarlos. Si bien es cierto que algunas tiendas son típicas, hay una amplia variedad de tiendas de alta calidad, como Nordstrom y Lord & Taylor, y cada importante minorista en el típico circuito del centro comercial.

The Mall in Columbia

Aunque el centro comercial tiene mucho que ofrecer, ha habido algunas experiencias negativas. En una ocasión, cuando fuimos al cine, experimentamos una situación incómoda con un grupo de adolescentes ruidosos y groseros que estaban causando problemas durante toda la película. Además, en ocasiones se requiere una gran cantidad de aparcamiento, especialmente durante la temporada de Navidad. Aunque es posible que haya algunos jóvenes que carecen de respeto, en general, encontramos el centro comercial de Columbia una atracción turística emocionante que definitivamente vale la pena visitar.

3. Robinson Nature Center

Robinson Nature Center is a great place for families to visit. The center is clean and interactive with live animals such as frogs, turtles and snakes. There are also outside trails and a playground that are perfect for children to burn off some energy. The gift shop at the entrance has a variety of nature-related items for anyone interested. It’s best to arrive when the center opens at 9am to have some quiet time and avoid the crowds. The generous parking is also a plus.

Another reviewer mentioned the hands-on room with dress-up, puzzles, and a touch tank, which their grandchildren loved. They also mentioned the unique outdoor playground that was hard to leave. This is a great place for children to explore and learn about nature while having fun.

Robinson Nature Center

One of the best features of Robinson Nature Center is the fantastic planetarium, which offers an excellent show for all ages. The exhibits are well done and provide an opportunity to learn about local nature. Outside, there are lovely hiking trails and natural surroundings to appreciate. The only downside is that the visit might be short, lasting only 1-2 hours, but it is still worthwhile to experience.

4. Lake Elkhorn Park

Lake Elkhorn Park is a beautiful attraction that offers a mixed woodland walk ending at a tranquil lake. One of the greatest advantages of this park is its abundant birdlife, which includes a pair of Ospreys that fly over the lake dam. This park is an ideal destination for families as there is plenty of shade along the trails. We highly recommend a visit to Lake Elkhorn.

During our visit, we walked around the lake with some friends and enjoyed watching the animals and fish swimming in the lake. This site is perfect for a relaxing walk along the water’s edge, surrounded by peaceful scenery. There are two parking options: one off Broken Land Pkwy and the other off Cradlerock Way, which provide easy access to the park. The park is lovely throughout every season, and you have to watch out for the various species of wildlife, including turtles and water snakes in the water.

Lake Elkhorn Park

However, some visitors report that Lake Elkhorn is only an average park. According to some reviews, the path is hilly and bumpy, making it challenging for children to ride their bikes. Also, the playground can be a little bit dirty and sticky, and the area is somewhat sketchy with questionable people. Moreover, the man-made waterfall is mediocre and doesn’t enhance the beauty of the park. Nonetheless, we think that Lake Elkhorn remains a must-visit attraction in Columbia due to its charm, accessibility, and beautiful scenery.

5. Hysteria Brewing Company

Hysteria Brewing Company is definitely a place that we would love to visit again. With an amazing selection of beers, including some sours and ciders, it was difficult to choose just one. However, their spiced Pumpkin ale outshined the others and left us wanting more. The atmosphere was cozy and family-friendly, with plenty of outdoor seating available. We appreciated the great service from the knowledgeable and friendly staff, who were more than happy to give recommendations and help us choose the best beers. We also loved that it is dog-friendly, and our furry friends are welcome to join us. The only downside was the lack of food options, with only a food truck available on certain days.

While we were disappointed to learn that flights were not offered, we found it convenient that they offered 7 oz pours, and we appreciated that we could get as many as we wanted. It’s important to note that each pour costs $4 or more, so it’s best to keep that in mind when ordering. We visited during the pumpkin beer season, and it was well worth the visit. The cozy ambiance and nice staff made our experience even better.

Hysteria Brewing Company

Hysteria Brewing Company is a must-visit if you’re looking for a great beer tasting experience. With over 15 beers to choose from and regular activities, you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy. We appreciated the helpful staff who recommended the best local places for food. The only downside is the lack of food options, which was disappointing. Nonetheless, we loved the cozy ambiance and the overall dog-friendly atmosphere. We enjoyed our visit and will certainly come back soon.

6. Lost Ark Distilling Company

Lost Ark Distilling Company is definitely a must-see attraction when visiting Columbia. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by friendly staff and the enticing aroma from the on-site pit beef food truck. Although we missed out on the distillery tour, the tasting of their various rums made up for it. We particularly enjoyed the hazelnut coffee flavor and ended up purchasing several bottles to take home. The outdoor space and live music also make it a great spot to relax and enjoy some cocktails with friends. However, it’s important to note that there may not be food options available during tastings, so bringing a snack could be a good idea.

The personalized tour and tasting experience we had at Lost Ark Distilling Company was unparalleled to any other distillery we’ve visited in the past. We got to speak directly with the owner, who was knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. Their spiced rum was a fan favorite, and we can’t wait to try more of their products in the future. It’s exciting to hear that they’re expanding their distillery and bar area, making it an even better destination for events and parties. The only downside is that the bar area can get crowded, but it’s a small price to pay for the exceptional customer service and overall experience.

Lost Ark Distilling Company

We were blown away by the quality of the products and service at Lost Ark Distilling Company. Not only did we leave with a newfound appreciation for locally sourced ingredients, but we also left with a sense of admiration for the staff who went above and beyond to make our experience unforgettable. It’s a great feeling to support Maryland-based businesses, especially when they produce such fantastic products. Overall, Lost Ark Distilling Company definitely deserves a spot in the top 10 attractions to visit in Columbia.

7. Black Flag Brewing Co

Black Flag Brewing Co es definitivamente una de las mejores atracciones turísticas en Columbia para cualquier fan de la cerveza artesanal. A pesar de no tener mucha señalización en su ubicación, el interior del lugar es acogedor y un poco más sencillo que otros locales similares. La disponibilidad de catas de cerveza es un plus, y el precio de $12 por cinco catas es bastante razonable. Los que más nos gustaron fueron el Porter de Vainilla y el Lager, aunque el resto de las cervezas también fueron bastante buenas. La comida de Pinky’s BBQ fue increíble y sus combos tienen un precio bastante justo. Aunque Black Flag Brewing Co no cuenta con una gran selección de comidas, la entrega de la cercana pizzería HomeSlyce es una buena opción.

Otro punto fuerte es el ambiente relajado de Black Flag Brewing Co, y el hecho de que es un lugar que acomoda la presencia de mascotas es sensacional. Además, el personal de servicio fue muy amable con nosotros y se mantuvieron bien equipados con barbijos y medidas de distanciamiento social. La ubicación del lugar puede resultar un poco alejada para algunos pero no llega a ser un gran problema.

En general, si bien existe el riesgo de que algunos gustos particulares de cerveza no sean satisfechos, la buena calidad de las bebidas, la comida y el ambiente del lugar hacen que valga la pena hacer una visita a Black Flag Brewing Co. Ya sea que estés buscando un lugar para disfrutar con amigos y mascotas, o simplemente degustar algunas cervezas artesanales de calidad, este lugar definitivamente debería ser incluido en tu lista de atracciones turísticas imperdibles en Columbia.

Black Flag Brewing Co

Ciertamente hay algunos puntos negativos, como la falta de un buen aislamiento acústico y la poca variedad de comidas, pero estos aspectos no son suficientes para opacar la experiencia en general. Después de todo, Black Flag Brewing Co sigue siendo un lugar ideal para aquellos que buscan una experiencia relajada de cerveza y buena compañía.

8. Sapwood Cellars Brewery

Sapwood Cellars Brewery es definitivamente uno de los lugares en Columbia que no te puedes perder si eres un amante de la cerveza. El ambiente es muy agradable, con mucha luz natural y una decoración moderna que te hace sentir cómodo de inmediato. Puedes encontrar una gran variedad de cervezas, desde IPA hasta Porters, siendo las hazy IPAs su especialidad, y los precios son muy razonables, con un costo de 3 dólares por un vaso de 7 onzas.

Nos gustó mucho que el personal fuera tan amable y servicial. Si no eres un gran bebedor de cerveza, no te preocupes. Los camareros te ofrecerán sugerencias y te invitarán a probar las opciones que creen que podrían ser de tu agrado. También hay un camión de comida afuera que vende pizzas, lo cual es una buena complemento para disfrutar junto con tu cerveza.

Algo que quizás sería útil sería tener vuelos para poder probar varias cervezas sin tener que pedir un vaso completo cada vez, pero ofrecen la opción de una pequeña porción de 7 onzas, lo que ayuda a mitigar esto. Además, sería genial si tuvieran opciones para llevar en lata o botella, pero desafortunadamente solo ofrecen cerveza de barril.

Sapwood Cellars Brewery

En resumen, Sapwood Cellars Brewery es un lugar genial para aquellos que disfrutan de la cerveza. Se puede disfrutar de su amplia selección de cervezas en un ambiente agradable y con un personal amigable y servicial. Si visitas Columbia, definitivamente debes agregar este lugar a tu lista de lugares para visitar.

En resumen, Colombia es un país lleno de vida y color, con una gastronomía deliciosa, música y bailes que te llevarán al ritmo de la salsa y muchas atracciones turísticas que no te puedes perder. Esperamos que este artículo te haya sorprendido y que hayas podido conocer un poco más de este maravilloso destino turístico. Si tienes más consejos para compartir con nosotros o deseas contarnos tu experiencia en Colombia, ¡nos encantaría escucharte! Siéntete libre de dejar tus comentarios y hacer preguntas. ¡Estamos deseando interactuar contigo!

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