Descubre las mejores tiendas y compras en Prescott: Guía completa

Prescott, una ciudad en el estado de Arizona, es conocida por sus impresionantes paisajes, historia única y aventuras al aire libre. Pero, aparte de sus características atractivas, esta ciudad también ofrece una experiencia de compras única y emocionante. Con una gran variedad de tiendas para explorar, los visitantes pueden encontrar arte y artesanía local, ropa de boutique, joyería única, productos hechos a mano y mucho más. En este artículo, te llevaremos de la mano para descubrir lo mejor que Prescott tiene que ofrecer en tiendas y compras.

Tiendas y compras en Prescott

1. Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery

Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates local art. As art lovers ourselves, we always make sure to drop by this gallery whenever we’re in Prescott. The place has a remarkable layout, which effectively showcases the art that they offer. Moreover, the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about their craft. However, some people might find the prices a bit steep, and we hope they could make room for more affordable items.

We were so glad that the gallery was open on a Sunday when we visited. It was easy to spot from the main square, and we were immediately drawn in by the wide variety of art pieces. We were able to find something to take home as a memento. The sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and textiles were just amazing. It felt great to support local artists while also getting something unique to take home with us.

Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery really surprised us with its avant-garde pieces. The Carolyn Schmitz artworks were exceptional, and we were impressed by how varied the selections were. It’s not your usual art gallery that focuses on a single theme or genre. You’ll find a little bit of everything here, from classic Western art to contemporary pieces. We highly recommend checking it out when you’re in Prescott.

2. Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery

Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery should definitely be on the top of your list if you’re looking for a unique and well-curated selection of local art in Prescott. One of the best things about this gallery is that it’s easy to find, right on Whiskey Row. Upon entering, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, which adds to the overall experience. They have a great diversity of artists represented, so there’s something for every taste in art. One of our only concerns was that the pricing was slightly high for those traveling, but we think that adding a section of items under $50 would be an excellent addition to bring in more customers.

We spent a good hour wandering around the Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery and loved the displays and information provided. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing unique pieces from a variety of artists, which is great to see. We particularly enjoyed seeing the photography, jewelry, gourds, and artsy jackets. It’s impressive how much there is to explore in just this one gallery. We think it’s great that they have everything in one space and the information layout is excellent. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this gallery, so make sure to add it to your itinerary.

Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery

This gallery is an excellent idea, and we wouldn’t mind having something similar closer to home. We loved the cross-section of works by local artists; it’s an excellent way to support the community. The staff was informative and friendly, and we enjoyed our overall experience. The variety of art and jewelry was impressive, and there were many unusual items to pick. In particular, we were very impressed with Stan Cothern’s jewelry pieces; his mix of Western wood-art and semi-precious stones make for fantastic rings, bracelets, broaches, and necklaces. This gallery is truly a unique shopping experience that you won’t want to miss out on.

3. Prescott Center for the Arts

Prescott Center for the Arts es una belleza arquitectónica ubicada en el corazón del centro de Prescott, en la antigua iglesia católica del Sagrado Corazón. Aunque por desgracia no pudimos explorar el interior debido al cierre temporal por la pandemia, caminar alrededor de este edificio histórico fue una experiencia agradable. Posee un pequeño patio con estatuas, ideal para tomarse un momento para apreciar el lugar. No obstante, hay una rampa de acceso para aquellos con movilidad reducida. La iglesia, que tiene una larga historia, es impresionante desde cualquier ángulo, ideal para tomar fotografías.

El Centro para las Artes de Prescott ofrece una variedad de espectáculos, galerías y eventos culturales. Aunque algunos críticos dicen que puede ser un poco difícil de encontrar, es fácilmente accesible en el centro de la ciudad. Visitamos la galería, que cuenta con una rotación de piezas artísticas hechas por talentosos artistas locales. Además, descubrimos que el centro organiza diversos festivales de arte al aire libre. Esta es una excelente opción para los aficionados al arte que se encuentran en busca de obras únicas y eventos culturales.

Prescott Center for the Arts

Asistir a una producción en este centro resultó ser una experiencia encantadora e inolvidable para nosotros. El teatro en sí es un edificio histórico con un ambiente único. La producción de «El Jorobado de Notre Dame» fue un espectáculo maravilloso, ofreciendo un gran trabajo de actuación, canto, vestuario y escenografía. A pesar de tener asientos en la parte superior del lado de la sala, lo cual no fue ideal para nosotros, quedamos impresionados por la calidad de la obra y lo acogedor del público en general. La única pega que encontramos fue que el espacio puede volverse caluroso en verano, así que sugerimos asistir a las funciones en temporadas más frescas.

4. Prescott Farmers Market

If you’re looking for fresh, local produce and other unique, handmade goods, the Prescott Farmers Market is a must-visit. One advantage of this market is that it’s open year-round, although the location may vary. During our visit, we were impressed by the wide variety of produce available, including tomatoes, chiles, and fresh citrus. We also enjoyed the food booths and homemade products, which included quiche, French bread, organic soaps, and lavender products.

Another advantage of this market is the festive atmosphere, complete with live music and prepared foods. However, a potential drawback is the limited seating areas, which can be especially frustrating when you want to enjoy the live music while eating. Nevertheless, we found the vendors to be super friendly, and we appreciated the opportunity to support local farmers and artisans. Plus, we were happy to see that the market is dog-friendly, so our furry friend could join us on our shopping excursion.

Overall, we recommend the Prescott Farmers Market to anyone looking for great food, unique products, and a welcoming community of vendors and shoppers. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this market is a great way to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon. Don’t miss the chance to stock up on fresh produce, treat yourself to some handmade goodies, and engage with the vibrant local community.

5. Mountain Artists Guild

Mountain Artists Guild is a hidden gem in Prescott that is worth discovering. With a selection of art from about 20 different local artists, there is a good variety of artistic styles to choose from, including the well-known Bernie Lopez artwork. The location of the gallery is a little bit off the beaten path, but with a local map, it is easy to find. The gallery is well run and they change out exhibits on a regular schedule, so it is worth stopping by to see what they have on display.

Most people in Prescott know Mountain Artists Guild for their wonderful juried art show on the Square every Spring. However, many people are not as familiar with the actual art gallery on Alcaron, which is a real hidden gem of a place. The guild is very supportive of its members, and there are always interesting pieces on display, ranging from sculpture, photography, paintings, textiles and jewelry. They also host classes for all ages, artist talks and fashion shows. We highly recommend stopping by to see what they have, as you never know what unique, one-of-a-kind artwork you may find.

Mountain Artists Guild

For a taste of small town America, the Arts and Crafts show sponsored by the MAG is not to be missed. The variety of the exhibitors ranges from the «hippie throwback» era to unique Native American art. The Art Festival is well worth the drive to Prescott. Whenever we visit, we make sure to stop into the MAG to pick up some affordable art by local artists and learn a little bit about what is going on in the community. This is a place not to be missed, and you will find something to purchase that you will love forever.

6. Bashford Courts Atrium Mall

If you are looking for a great indoor shopping experience in Prescott, then look no further than Bashford Courts Atrium Mall. This three-story mall is divided into two different and distinct malls, and it is centrally located right off of Whiskey Row. The mall is home to some of the best local fare, with Prescott Brewing Company being the highlight. Their food is amazing, and the ambiance is perfect. The mall is also home to some great shops and unique boutiques that offer everything from olive oil and soaps to socks and personalized gifts. It is a great place to spend an afternoon with your family and friends.

While we loved the wide variety of shops and restaurants at Bashford Courts Atrium Mall, it is worth noting that the mall is not very big. This meant that we were able to easily walk around and see everything in just a few hours. Additionally, while the mall does offer a lot of great shops and dining options, some of the shops and restaurants can be a bit pricey. That being said, we still highly recommend Bashford Courts Atrium Mall as a must-see when visiting Prescott.

Bashford Courts Atrium Mall

One of the things we loved most about Bashford Courts Atrium Mall was the historic charm of the building. The original Bashford-Burmister Building has been reincarnated into a beautiful indoor mall, and it truly is a historic treasure. The friendly people and clean amenities only add to the appeal of the mall. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience in the heart of downtown Prescott, we definitely recommend checking out Bashford Courts Atrium Mall.

7. ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery

‘Tis Art Center & Gallery is a unique venue located in the heart of Prescott, perfect for intimate events such as small weddings. The venue boasts an upstairs hall that overlooks the historic Courthouse Square and Whiskey Row with a stunning chandelier hanging above a platform, creating a beautiful atmosphere for any event. It includes tables and chairs for a maximum of 80 people, making it ideal for small gatherings. The building also features a patio with small patio tables, perfect for enjoying nice weather. The best part? It is reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for those on a budget.

In addition to its event space, ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery is also home to a local art co-op. While the theme of the artwork changes monthly, the art on display is generally focused on Native artists. Though some may find the artwork too abstract or cutsy, there is a good variety of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, fabric and more available for purchase, all at a reasonable price. The gallery also has a small shop in the back that sells handmade items such as scarfs and jewelry, making it a perfect spot for picking up unique souvenirs.

While the artwork may not be to everyone’s taste, the physical space of ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery is undoubtedly beautiful. The building has been renovated to perfection, making it an outstanding place to display works of art. The staff is friendly, welcoming and always ready to help, making the overall experience of visiting this venue enjoyable. The third-floor room is the best-kept secret and is available for private parties, including weddings and anniversary parties. It has beautiful wood floors and brick walls, creating a perfect ambiance for special occasions. While the artwork may not be high-end, the ‘Tis Art Center & Gallery is still worth a visit due to its exquisite physical space, reasonable prices and friendly staff.

8. Yavapai College Art Gallery

La galería de arte Yavapai College es una visita obligada para aquellos interesados en el arte contemporáneo. Recientemente, fuimos a ver la exposición «The Phantom» y quedamos muy impresionados por el talento de los artistas. Sin embargo, nos hubiera gustado conseguir un recuerdo de la experiencia y nos pareció difícil hacerlo. Afortunadamente, hemos registrado todo en un vídeo, así que todavía podemos revivir nuestra visita.

En esta misma línea, siempre es una alegría explorar las nuevas exposiciones en la galería de arte YC. Además, tenemos la suerte de contar con una sucursal en las ciudades vecinas de Clarkdale y Cottonwood. En ambos lugares, los visitantes pueden disfrutar de arte impresionante y lleno de matices. Si se visita esta últimas sucursal, también se puede aprovechar y hacer una degustación de vinos y conocer más sobre la elaboración de esta bebida tan popular.

Otra gran ventaja de la galería de arte Yavapai es que, cuando el clima no acompaña, se puede entrar a escuchar música y ver arte. Nos pareció muy amable por parte del personal y nos encantó el oasis de creatividad y belleza que encontramos. En general, creemos que vale la pena dedicar unos 30 minutos para disfrutar de las exposiciones, descargar inspiración y tal vez llevarse a casa una obra de arte que te guste. El precio es variado, pero accesible para todos los presupuestos. ¡Buena visita!

Yavapai College Art Gallery

En conclusión, hemos creado esta guía completa para que puedas disfrutar de la mejor experiencia de compra en Prescott y encontrar los más bellos recuerdos de tu viaje. Esperamos que te haya sido útil y que, si tienes alguna pregunta o consejo adicional, nos lo hagas saber en los comentarios. Nos encanta escuchar tus historias y experiencias en Prescott, así que siéntete libre de interactuar con nosotros en nuestras redes sociales y compartir tus momentos favoritos en esta hermosa ciudad. ¡Nos vemos en Prescott!

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