Descubre las mejores atracciones turísticas en Gander

Gander, una ciudad en la provincia de Terranova y Labrador de Canadá, es un destino turístico fascinante. Con su escarpada costa, su impresionante paisaje, sus múltiples oportunidades para actividades al aire libre y su rica historia, Gander es una verdadera joya de la región. Si estás buscando una aventura única y emocionante en Canadá, no busques más, Gander es el destino perfecto. En este artículo, vamos a explorar las mejores atracciones en Gander, desde la naturaleza hasta la cultura y la historia, para ayudarte a planificar tus próximas vacaciones.

Las mejores atracciones en Gander

1. North Atlantic Aviation Museum

Gander’s North Atlantic Aviation Museum is a must-see if you’re interested in aviation history. Although it may be smaller than other museums, it still offers a lot of fascinating information about Gander’s role in aviation history. The museum is open year-round, which is great because it was the only museum in town at the time of our visit. The exhibits are well presented, and if you follow the suggested path, you’ll get a reasonable history of aviation in Newfoundland and the history of the Gander airport. At the end, there’s a special section dedicated to the events of 9/11 when 38 commercial flights and 5 military planes were grounded in Gander when the USA airspace was suddenly closed.

We were a bit disappointed that all the interactive displays were turned off at the time of our visit, though. It made us wonder what we missed out on. Despite this, we still enjoyed wandering through the museum, and it was quite relaxing since there were no other visitors while we were there.

North Atlantic Aviation Museum

The museum also has a couple of aircraft on display outside, which is a treat for aviation enthusiasts. Overall, we spent about an hour there and were glad we did. If you’re only in town for a short period, it’s still worth a visit. If you have more time, however, it’s a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours getting caught up on the history of Gander and its airfields.

2. Silent Witnesses Memorial

If you’re looking for a touching and informative site to visit during your stay in Gander, we highly recommend making a stop at the Silent Witnesses Memorial. This beautiful tribute to the Arrow Air Disaster is well-maintained and provides visitors with detailed information about the tragedy. The Memorial is located in a gorgeous area, overlooking the serene Gander Lake.

Although it is a heavy experience to visit, we were struck by the beauty of the memorial and the care that has gone into its upkeep. The detail in the statue is especially incredible and moving, and we found ourselves lingering at the site, thinking about the impact of the Arrow Air Disaster on so many lives.

One of the advantages of visiting this site is that it is close to other aviation-related sites in Gander, such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery. However, we would advise visitors to take note that the memorial is off the main highway and can be a bit tricky to find without GPS. Nonetheless, once you find the site, it is well worth the visit.

Silent Witnesses Memorial

Overall, we highly recommend taking the time to visit the Silent Witnesses Memorial. It is a peaceful and thought-provoking place to pay your respects to the people who lost their lives in the Arrow Air Disaster, and to reflect on the tragedy and its impact. We left the site with a greater appreciation for the importance of maintaining memorials and remembering history.

3. Cobb’s Pond Rotary Park

If you’re looking for a relaxing outdoor activity, Cobb’s Pond Rotary Park is a must-visit in Gander. The park is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, and for good reason. The level trail circling the pond provides a great walking experience, with plenty of benches along the way to stop and enjoy the scenery. Along your walk, you’ll have the chance to observe the area’s wildlife, including ducks, toads, and rabbits.

One of the best things about Cobb’s Pond is how accessible it is. The 2.5 km loop trail is mainly boardwalk, making it easy for everyone to navigate, including families with strollers or wheelchairs. Along the trail, there are numerous picnic and play areas, as well as restrooms, making it a perfect spot to spend a day out with loved ones.

While the scenery and facilities make for a lovely visit, visitors should come prepared for the bugs. During our visit, we found the bugs to be biting, so it’s best to bring some bug spray to make the experience more enjoyable. Overall, Cobb’s Pond Rotary Park is definitely worth a visit, especially for those looking for a peaceful and family-friendly outdoor activity in Gander.

4. Gander Heritage Memorial Park

Gander Heritage Memorial Park is a must-visit attraction in Gander. The monument dedicated to Sergeant Gander, the Newfoundland dog who sacrificed his life to save Canadian soldiers, is truly touching. Even in winter, covered in snow, the park’s garden beds are well kept and full of flowers. It is inspiring to see how the park is well cared for and preserved, making it easy to find.

Although we were expecting to see some old buildings, we were not disappointed by the atmospheric area of the park. The information boards are excellent, teaching visitors about the park’s history and the sacrifices of those who have gone before. It is sad to see, but it is good to know that the area is being preserved and cared for.

Gander Heritage Memorial Park

Besides the monument and memorials, the baseball fields and playground at the park are remarkable. We attended a baseball tournament for pre-teen kids, and we saw many young families having fun at the fantastic playground with a splash pad. The fields and washrooms were clean, and the park is close to food and shopping. Overall, Gander Heritage Memorial Park is worth a visit, and the crew who put it together and keep it informative did an outstanding job.

5. Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest

If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat in the midst of nature, Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest is the perfect place to go. The forest boasts of beautifully maintained trails that provide an opportunity for a peaceful walk in the woods. You can explore multiple trails, each offering varying difficulty levels. If you’re fascinated by history, the wreckage of a B-17 bomber that crashed in the 1940s can be seen from the trail, surrounded by intriguing stories. The area is dog-friendly, which means you can bring along your furry friend for a venture into the woods.

This forest is a gem for locals and tourists alike, enveloping visits with contentment and mystery. The trails are safe, well-maintained, and have plenty of informative signs regarding forest management practices. The trees are mostly birch and evergreens that provide the perfect ambiance for forest-bathing – leaning your spine on a tree and listening to its wisdom-packed inside can improve your mental health. The forest also has an Interpretation center, but it was closed when we were there, so we couldn’t comment on it. However, the peace and tranquility that the forest provides are enough reasons for us to visit again.

Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest

Although the Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest is an excellent place to absorb nature’s beauty, some visitors have complained about poor signage on the trails. That could be frustrating, especially if you want to locate a specific location or trail. However, we hope that the management will improve on the signage to improve the visitors’ experience. Overall, we’ve been going to this forest since ’92, and it’s always a pleasure to go back, walk, and witness the improvement. The forest offers scenic and challenging hiking trails for all visitors, and anyone can have a unique experience, from finding their favorite tree spot to following the most challenging trail, and experiencing the remains of a B17 plane crash.

6. Beyond The Overpass Theatre Company Inc.

Si estás buscando una experiencia teatral divertida y entretenida en Gander, recomendamos encarecidamente visitar Beyond The Overpass Theatre Company Inc. Durante el verano, este grupo realiza varias obras y cenas de teatro, y se nota el esfuerzo y la dedicación que los actores jóvenes ponen en sus actuaciones. Hemos visto varias obras para apoyar a los jóvenes locales y siempre ha sido una gran noche de entretenimiento. Además, la comida es deliciosa y ofrecen diferentes espectáculos para adaptarse a todo tipo de gustos, desde dramáticas historias de la guerra hasta comedias y temáticas festivas. Realmente es una opción para todas las edades.

Otra de las ventajas de visitar Beyond The Overpass Theatre Company Inc. es el ambiente cómodo y fresco en su teatro climatizado, y cómodos asientos dentro de un hotel. Las obras son siempre maravillosas, con un gran entretenimiento incluyendo espectáculos cómicos y musicales. La interacción que logran con el público es increíble, lo que hace que las actuaciones sean dinámicas e interactivas, en las que realmente querrás participar.

Beyond The Overpass Theatre Company Inc.

Sin embargo, debemos destacar que en ocasiones, algunos de los espectáculos podrían mejorar en la coordinación entre sus integrantes, aunque no disminuyen la calidad de las actuaciones. En cualquier caso, Beyond The Overpass Theatre Company Inc. es una excelente opción para pasar una noche en Gander con amigos, familia y disfrutar de una experiencia teatral memorable. ¡No te decepcionará!

7. Airport Nordic Ski Club

We discovered the Airport Nordic Ski Club during our trip to Gander, and we were blown away by the variety of trails available. The trails are impeccably maintained, making them safe to traverse no matter what the weather is like. We appreciate that there are multiple levels of difficulty, allowing us to customize our experience by setting our own course.

For families with children, the easy cross-country trails are a must-visit. The trails are beautifully manicured, and parents can choose the trail that suits their level of skiing competency. We enjoyed the family fun immensely, and the scenery is breathtaking. For more accomplished skiers, there are trails available that will challenge you as well.

On a sunny day, snowshoeing or hiking along one of the trails is the perfect way to spend an hour or so. The trails are located in the woods but are well-marked, so you won’t get lost. There are some gentle inclines and uphill sections, but they are not too difficult for anyone. Additionally, one of the trails heads down to the lake, where you can enjoy the beautiful open area and reflect on the water. If you do not like hiking or snowshoeing, you can always try the groomed ski trails. We found that a one-time day pass membership was well worth it, and it costs only $5.00 for snowshoeing.

Airport Nordic Ski Club

All in all, we found the Airport Nordic Ski Club to be an amazing venue right in Gander’s backyard. The club has a great setup with a variety of awesome trails that are well maintained, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced skiers. We appreciated the good equipment rentals and well-organized network, making it easier for us to immerse ourselves in the beautiful wilderness. We highly recommend giving it a try!

8. Czechoslovakian Airline Plane Crash Memorial

Si te interesa conocer más sobre la historia del pequeño pueblo de Gander y los eventos trágicos que han ocurrido allí, sin duda alguna debes visitar el «Czechoslovakian Airline Plane Crash Memorial». Este lugar es un homenaje a las víctimas del accidente aéreo ocurrido en 1968 y ahora es uno de los puntos turísticos favoritos en la ciudad.

A pesar de que se trata de un lugar con un fuerte trasfondo emocional, la visitación al memorial es de fácil acceso tanto a pie como en ATV. Los visitantes pueden caminar por un sendero marcado de 1.5 kilómetros que les lleva directo al lugar del accidente, donde se encuentra una gran roca con una placa en honor de los fallecidos.

Si eres un apasionado de la aviación, este lugar seguramente te resultará interesante. Además de su conexión histórica, el memorial ofrece una vista panorámica de la zona donde el avión se estrelló, lo que te permitirá ver los restos de la aeronave que aún quedan en el lugar. Sin embargo, debes estar preparado para lidiar con las emociones que pueden surgir al visitar un sitio como este.

Czechoslovakian Airline Plane Crash Memorial

En general, visitar el «Czechoslovakian Airline Plane Crash Memorial» es una experiencia impresionante que puede ayudarte a entender la historia de la ciudad y a honrar a las víctimas del accidente. A pesar de que no es una atracción turística común, este lugar vale la pena para aquellos que buscan una experiencia diferente en su escapada a Gander. Además, el sendero para llegar a la zona es muy bonito y los amantes de la naturaleza no se pueden perder esta oportunidad de disfrutar del paisaje.

9. Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery

One of the must-see attractions in Gander is the Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery, which serves as a reminder of the town’s military history. Although this type of cemetery is more common in Europe, its diversity in rank and position makes it an interesting place to visit. The inscriptions on the gravestones provide a glimpse into the stories of the many buried there. Additionally, the site makes for good wildlife photography opportunities in the mornings, as suggested by the groundskeeper.

Another fascinating feature of the Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery is the graves of test pilots from all over Canada and around the world. While entry to the site is currently blocked off, a path around the cemetery still allows for a view of the many graves. The variety of nationalities represented here is a testament to the international nature of aviation and the importance of this site to the global aviation community.

Visiting the Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery also provides a great opportunity to learn about some of the lesser-known aspects of Gander’s history. As one reviewer noted, they were able to learn a lot from their visit and even discovered that there were two Australians buried in the cemetery. Listening to stories and discovering nuggets of history such as these can make for a truly memorable experience.

Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery

Located next to the original town cemetery and adjacent to the airport runways, the Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery is a tranquil spot that is beautifully maintained. While the narrow track leading to the cemetery can make access a bit challenging, it’s definitely worth the trip to see the graves of Royal Canadian, Royal Air Force, and Australian Air Force pilots, as well as a British Engineer and some BOA pilots. Overall, this site provides a fascinating glimpse into Gander’s past and is definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in aviation history.

En definitiva, Gander es un destino que no te puedes perder si eres un amante del turismo de naturaleza y aventura. En este artículo te hemos mostrado las principales atracciones turísticas que ofrece la ciudad y sus alrededores. Sin embargo, existen muchas más por descubrir. Si tú ya has visitado Gander, cuéntanos tus experiencias y recomendaciones en la sección de comentarios. Si por el contrario, aún no tienes planes de viaje, ¿a qué esperas? ¡Te animamos a que descubras por ti mismo todo lo que ofrece Gander!

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