Descubre las mejores pistas de carreras de autos en el Estado de Nueva York

Estado de Nueva York es un destino por excelencia para los amantes de los deportes de motor. Además de tener una gran variedad de paisajes y atractivos turísticos, cuenta con varias pistas de carreras de autos que se han convertido en un atractivo imperdible para los aficionados y profesionales del automovilismo. En este artículo te contaremos todo lo que necesitas saber sobre las mejores pistas de carreras en el estado de Nueva York, desde sus características y eventos hasta cómo llegar y disfrutar de una experiencia emocionante en el mundo de la velocidad. ¡Prepara tu motor y acompáñanos en esta aventura!

Pistas de carreras de autos en Estado de Nueva York

1. Watkins Glen International

There are many reasons why we believe Watkins Glen International is one of the best racetracks in New York State. Firstly, the staff and security are incredibly welcoming and understanding. When we arrived during a private event, we were worried we would be turned away but instead, we were given an opportunity to watch the races and even had the chance to drive the track for a low fee. Even though we had to follow a pace car, the experience was everything we hoped for and more. We were able to put our personal vehicles to the test and feel the excitement of the twisting track.

Secondly, Watkins Glen International is the perfect place for families or groups of friends looking for a new adventure. The «Drive the Glen» experience has a low cost and is available to anyone with a valid driver’s license. Whether you own a sports car or a family sedan, the thrill of driving a racetrack is accessible to everyone. Additionally, the racetrack offers many exciting events throughout the year for people of all ages. From vintage and historic races to SCCA races, there are endless options for racing fans.

Lastly, the location of Watkins Glen International is breathtaking. The track is surrounded by lush green trees and has stunning views of the countryside. The on-site campground and parking make it easy for visitors to spend a weekend or even a week, taking in everything the racetrack has to offer. Not only is the setting beautiful, but the racing is top-notch with many opportunities for drivers to overtake each other, making for an exciting event every time.

Watkins Glen International

In conclusion, we highly recommend Watkins Glen International as a must-visit racetrack in New York State. From the friendly and accommodating staff to the opportunity to drive the track yourself, there is something for everyone at this captivating destination. The stunning views and plenty of options for parking and camping make it an ideal place to spend a weekend or longer. Racing fans of all ages will appreciate the variety of events held throughout the year and the excitement of watching high-speed racing in person.

2. Oswego Speedway

If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling experience, Oswego Speedway is the place to be. From the exciting open-wheel racing to the family-friendly atmosphere, this track has something for everyone. Plus, the added bonus of camping makes it a great option for those looking to save on entertainment expenses.

The Bud classic is one of the must-see events at Oswego Speedway. With a 5/8 mile oval and 27 cars speeding around, it’s easy to see why it’s such a fan favorite. Plus, there are plenty of food options available, making it a great day out for families or groups of friends.

Another advantage of Oswego Speedway is the family-friendly environment. With free entry for children under 16 and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday night. The current owners of the track have done an excellent job of ensuring the races are enjoyable for all ages, and it’s no wonder many families attend regularly.

Oswego Speedway

If you’re a fan of super modified cars, there’s no better place to see them in action than Oswego Speedway. Known as the Steel Palace, this asphalt oval is home to the fastest cars outside of F1 or Indy. Plus, with great views and fun fans, it’s a memorable experience for all who attend. Overall, Oswego Speedway is one of the top paved tracks in North America, with top-notch racing and concessions that will leave you wanting more.

3. Riverhead Raceway

We recently discovered Riverhead Raceway, a small hometown track that offers an exciting racing experience for families. It’s a compact track, but that’s the appeal of the place. One of the advantages is that there’s not a bad seat in the house, so you enjoy a fantastic view of the cars racing. We recommend spending a Saturday night at the Riverhead Raceway for a perfect family outing. However, it’s important to note that you cannot buy tickets online; instead, you’ll have to drive out on the day of the race after 4 pm with cash in hand.

Unfortunately, the track is not very fan-friendly, as we learned from some online reviews. Several visitors complained about the high ATM transaction fees, so be sure to bring enough cash. Additionally, there’s a no-bag policy at the track, unlike other racing venues that allow clear plastic bags. We suggest checking their website before heading out, so you don’t end up having to leave your bags behind.

Riverhead Raceway

Despite these minor drawbacks, we had a fantastic time at the Riverhead Raceway. The refurbished place is an old firehouse that’s been tastefully done and features a great selection of brews, making it an excellent spot for an event such as a wedding rehearsal. If you’re thinking of trying something new, we highly recommend attending the demolition derby, but keep in mind that it can get a bit messy, so don’t wear your good clothes! Overall, the atmosphere is fun, and the racing is riveting, making it an exciting experience, even if you’re not a car racing enthusiast. Plus, according to one recommendation we received, the amazing bartender, Joe, at the Hilton Garden also agrees that it’s an excellent spot for a fun Saturday night out with the kids.

4. Accord Speedway

If you’re looking for a fun night of dirt track racing in New York, Accord Speedway is definitely worth checking out. We love the cozy atmosphere of the track, as everything is packed nicely into a small area. From the food to the seating and even the parking, everything is conveniently located. Plus, it’s always exciting to watch a friend or family member race on the track.

One of the great things about Accord Speedway is that it provides a fun night out with friends. We enjoyed hanging out with our buddies and watching the racers put the pedal to the metal. It’s a fantastic way to spend a summer evening while enjoying the company of friends and family. There’s always something to see at Accord Speedway, and it’s an excellent way to break up the monotony of the workweek.

Another fantastic feature of Accord Speedway is its stunning location nestled in the southern Catskills. The track is situated in a beautiful area of New York, providing a lovely drive to the facility. We enjoyed exploring the countryside of the area, taking in the natural beauty of the landscape. It’s a unique and fun way to experience the rural side of New York.

Accord Speedway

While dirt track racing might not be for everyone, Accord Speedway provides an enjoyable and exciting experience that anyone can appreciate. We loved the action, excitement, and speed of the races, and we always find ourselves coming back for more. So whether you’re a devout fan of dirt track racing or just looking for a fun night out, we highly recommend checking out Accord Speedway.

5. Utica Rome Speedway

Utica Rome Speedway is a must-visit venue for dirt racing fans. Brett Deyo has done an outstanding job of revitalizing this track, and it shows in the doubled attendance numbers. We were blown away by the great racing, especially in the pro stocks and modifieds. While some fans have suggested bringing back the pure stocks, we feel the current selection is more than adequate, and the show is still very entertaining. In addition, the fireworks on the Fourth of July are an amazing spectacle that shouldn’t be missed.

One of the most exciting experiences we’ve had as dirt racing fans was driving a big block modified at Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing. From the moment we arrived, the staff made us feel special and worked hard to ensure that we had an unforgettable experience. My stepsons and I have talked about driving these powerful vehicles ever since, and my wife made my dream come true for Christmas. Overall, the experience exceeded all of our expectations, and we had more fun than we could have ever imagined. We highly recommend this for any dirt racing enthusiasts, and we can’t wait to go back as a group next year.

Utica Rome Speedway

While the previous season has been tough on Utica Rome Speedway due to weather, track conditions and low car counts, we attended their midweek show during Super Dirt Week and had a great time. The show was run with minimal downtime, and the track conditions were excellent. It felt like the Utica Rome of old, and we are hopeful that they can continue to build momentum in the upcoming season. We wish them all the best and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

6. Fulton Speedway

Fulton Speedway is truly a great experience for racing fans. With over 260 cars in the pits on a Saturday night, there is never a shortage of excitement. What stood out to me was the number of competitors fighting for a spot in the Sportsman race. It really goes to show how competitive and thrilling the sport can be. The Outlaw 200 was also a highlight of the weekend, offering an unforgettable racing experience. Despite the first night’s cancellation due to rain, the other two nights made up for it and left us eager for the next year’s event.

Apart from the incredible races, Fulton Speedway is a great place to hang out with friends and family. The facilities are well-maintained, and the bathrooms are clean. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they served good food and that beer was available without compromising the family-friendly environment. It’s a fun atmosphere where you can feel free to cheer for your favorite driver and enjoy the competition. The only downside to consider is the potential for dust and cool temperatures, so bring your goggles and dress comfortably.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable racing experience, Fulton Speedway is a great option. The track layout is amazing, offering a unique perspective for spectators. Unlike other tracks, the stadium-like setup allows for a complete view of the track from all seats, adding to the excitement of the event. Although it can be a drive to get there, it’s well worth it for fans who want to see big block modified and sprints racing during Super Dirt Week. We highly recommend this track and hope to attend again soon.

7. Unadilla Valley Sports Center

Unadilla Valley Sports Center es, sin duda alguna, un lugar cargado de historia y tradición en cuanto a pistas de carreras de autos se refiere. We travel from Canada every year para participar en un evento nacional de ATV con nuestro hijo y cada vez que visitamos este lugar nos sorprende lo increíble de la experiencia. Desde motocicletas de 50cc hasta los pilotos más famosos del mundo, esta pista de motocross tiene algo para todos. Como familia, valoramos la posibilidad de disfrutar del evento juntos y de crear recuerdos que se quedarán con nosotros por siempre.

Como alguien que ha vivido en New Berlin NY por gran parte de mi vida, puedo asegurar que Unidilla es el Woodstock de motocross que todo entusiasta del deporte debería visitar al menos una vez. Durante mi carrera como guía en Alaska cada verano, extraño muchísimo los días de carreras en Unidilla. La emoción que se siente en el ambiente es contagiosa, y el desafío en la pista es verdaderamente emocionante. Es un evento que, sin lugar a dudas, siempre recordaré con cariño.

Unadilla Valley Sports Center

Por último, mencionar que Unadilla es una de las pocas pistas de motocross verdaderamente legendarias que quedan en los Estados Unidos, y es de esperar que permanezca así por muchos años más. En 1970, se celebraron carreras Trans Am entre los pilotos europeos y estadounidenses en esta pista, y desde entonces, ha sido lugar de algunos de los mejores y más emocionantes eventos de motocross. Además de la gran cantidad de profesionales que han participado en eventos en Unadilla, también hay oportunidades para los pilotos amateurs locales en las otras pistas del lugar. Es un lugar con mucha historia y tradición, y para cualquier amante de los deportes de motor, es un lugar que vale la pena visitar al menos una vez.

8. Airborne Park Speedway

Airborne Park Speedway es una pista de carreras de autos que nos encantó visitar. Es un lugar muy amigable para la familia, con grandes carreras y precios accesibles para la cantidad de carreras que se llevan a cabo. En comparación con otras pistas de carreras en Nueva York, recomendaríamos esta sin dudarlo. Nos gustó que la seguridad es muy importante allí y están en el tope de su juego en cuanto a ello. También es una pista muy deportiva, con muchos patrocinadores y beneficios. La comunidad también da su apoyo, como lo demostraron el año pasado cuando un conductor de camión falleció y la pista de carreras dedicó una carrera especial para él, lo cual nos emocionó mucho.

La pista ha estado en funcionamiento desde finales de los años 40 y ha tenido una reciente reencarnación como una pista de tierra. Hay varias clases de carreras allí y la competencia es bastante buena. Si estás buscando una carrera especial, asegúrate de checar su calendario por noches específicas para Sprint cars u otras carreras especiales. Aunque la pista tiene muchas ventajas, también sería irresponsable no mencionar que una de sus desventajas es que puede no ser el lugar más grande y concurrido. Sin embargo, esto puede ser una ventaja si lo ves desde el punto de vista que se siente más íntimo y personal, lo que es genial para los fanáticos de las carreras que buscan una experiencia más cercana.

En general, nos gustó mucho Airborne Park Speedway y definitivamente es una de las mejores pistas de carreras de autos en el Estado de Nueva York. Fue divertido ver a los autos deslizarse alrededor de las esquinas, y apreciamos la atención hacia la seguridad y los esfuerzos en la comunidad. Definitivamente volveríamos en busca de otra gran noche de carreras en esta pista.

9. Ransomville Speedway

La pista de carreras Ransomville Speedway situada en el Estado de Nueva York es un lugar que ofrece emocionantes competencias de automovilismo. Como usuarios que visitamos el lugar, podemos darnos cuenta de que la infraestructura del lugar es óptima. Los lavabos son agradables y limpios, y además posee un amplio espacio de aparcamiento, lo que hace que el proceso de estacionar el vehículo sea sencillo. En cuanto a los servicios, la oferta gastronómica es decente y suficiente para complementar tu experiencia.

El manejo de la pista es excelente, los organizadores han hecho un muy buen trabajo para garantizar una carrera de calidad y sin contratiempos. Este lugar es una excelente opción para las personas interesadas en disfrutar de una noche emocionante con amigos o familia.

Por otro lado, hay algunos detalles que pueden mejorar la experiencia de los espectadores, como por ejemplo la cantidad de polvo que se genera al realizar las competencias, permitiendo que algunos visitantes sufran de alergias o infecciones respiratorias. Sin embargo, los precios accesibles de la comida, las bebidas y cervezas, son una ventaja que no puedes ignorar. En general, consideramos que Ransomville Speedway es una pista de carreras atractiva que vale la pena visitar.

¡Nos encantaría saber tus experiencias y recomendaciones! Si eres un amante de la velocidad y tienes alguna pista favorita en el Estado de Nueva York, déjanos un comentario y cuéntanos todo acerca de ella. Ya sea que prefieras el ambiente emocionante de las carreras de drag o las carreras de resistencia, estamos seguros de que el estado tiene algo que ofrecer para todos los gustos. Recuerda, el turismo también es sobre compartir nuestras historias y experiencias, ¡así que déjanos saber la tuya!

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